Craftology. Redefining Contemporary Craft in Culture, People, and Sustainability

Yuri Na (2012)


This book offers an extensive introduction to the current craft paradigm and its challenges from several socio-cultural angles. Rather than answering ‘what is craft’, this book attempts to pull all of craft’s fragmented pieces together to comprehend its state today in our ordinary lives. ‘Craftology’ is an academic discipline that seeks to study craft with a focus on the reciprocal relationships between craft and lifestyles from a multidisciplinary approach. Repositioning the transformative aspects of contemporary craft with its current needs, this book presents various cases exemplifying craft’s contemporaneousness in three keywords: culture, people, and sustainability. Based on interviews and firsthand experiences, this book describes contemporary craft with real people in natural settings, and with conceptual models for craftological research. This is essential reading for all to partake in the communicable dimensions of contemporary craft within a holistic view.

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