Frame it simple! Towards a theory of conceptual designing

Salu Ylirisku (2013)


This book introduces an early theory of conceptual designing in terms of project-specific learning, and outlines several theoretical concepts that are necessary for the explanation. The work is related to the topic of innovative design thinking, which has recently attracted substantial interest not only from academic scholars but also from design practitioners and businesses. The theory sheds light into innovative design thinking, and explains the role of the construction of novel resources for the development of a design concept. The book also introduces a method, Framing Analysis of Design Articulation, for the analysis of project-specific learning. Real-life conceptual designing is analysed through two carefully chosen projects that are scrutinised in detail. The book shows concrete examples of well-functioning strategies for conceptual designing and outlines theoretically and empirically grounded arguments in order to plan successful conceptual design processes.

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