Karthikeya Acharya

With the body of the Electrome

I am a Postdoc researcher at the Embodied Design Group. I got my doctorate in Design Research from the Department of Design, Aalto ARTS in 2016. I am also a visiting researcher at the CTO of the Finnish state energy corporation Fortum.

My prior academic degrees are a Bachelors in Architecture, from Manipal University, India and a Masters in Interaction Design, from Domus Academy+Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Milan, Italy.

In my doctoral research, I took the position of framing domestic energy use as information. Through field based design practice I studied the implications of such a position for domestic relations within the home. I employed this position through design practice within the context of apartment living, mainly in India over a period of three and half years. With a similar position, I also undertook an experimental case in Finland. With this background, my current research interests inquire into automation of everyday energy use practices and its implications to the development of human relations that concern social issues such as economic and social disparity in high-density contexts.

I have worked as a commercial architect, as an industrial ethnographer, design researcher and also as an installation artist.

Some of my selected publications can be found here.

My doctoral dissertation published by the Aalto ARTS books can be downloaded here.

Contact me on e-mail: firstname.lastname@aalto.fi