The Embodied Design Group

Emrecan Gulay

Doctoral student investigating the gap between digital and physical manipulations by employing feedback as a new type of form generator.

Tania Chumaira

Doctoral student exploring the materiality of space and place whereas everywhere is being digitised through looking at human social interaction in virtual space.

Andrés Lucero

Associate Professor of Interaction Design, head of the Collaborative and Industrial Design (CoID) Master programme, and leader of the Embodied Design research group (EDG).

Mikko Illi

Doctoral student doing ethnographic research on industrial sales-agents’ work with the aim to design and develop new support tools for their work.

Riikka Townsend

Doctoral student exploring the sensory scope of responsive and transformative textiles through explorative material enquiry and prototyping.

Matti Liimatainen

Doctoral student exploring design and fabrication methods which can create garments completely autonomously, without any human involvement. The current focus is on self-assembly and artificial morphogenesis.