Prof. Jack Whalen

 JWDr. Jack Whalen is Adjunct Professor, Design and Ethnographic Research, in the Department of Design, where he teaches courses on Design Ethnography and User Inspired Design. He is also a project manager for Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, an international NGO, where he is leading work on analysing the socioeconomic impact of new management regulations for Indonesian blue swimming crab on the fishers and designing measures to mitigate that impact. In addition, Jack is working with SFP on designing a methodology for evaluating the socioeconomic performance of fisheries. Previously, Jack was a Principal Scientist at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Centre (Xerox PARC) where he led ethnographic studies of workplaces and customer sites, along with the design and implementation of knowledge systems, work processes and services. And prior to that, Jack was Associate Professor and Department Head in the Department of Sociology at the University of Oregon, where he carried out participant observation studies of police and fire emergency communications centres. For more about Jack, see