Domesticating Search

The “Domesticating Search” project was a joint effort between the Aalto University and the Microsoft Research Cambridge. The project aimed at re-designing the web for the home. As a result a set of prototypes, which explore different aspects of the potential to extend web beyond its current manifestations, were developed and explored in the home.

The project started on the beginning of September 2010 and lasted until the end of September 2012. It was a pilot of a new form of research collaboration with the Aalto University and Microsoft in an attempt to merge the strong Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research of the Socio-Digital Systems unit of Microsoft and the design research competence of the School of Art and Design of Aalto University.

The project utilised an innovative process:



The key people:

At Microsoft Research Cambridge

Richard Harper, co-manager of the SDS unit
Abigail Sellen, co-manager of the SDS unit

At Aalto University

Giulio Jacucci, responsible manager
Salu Ylirisku, project manager, design researcher


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