Heat Harvest

The Heat Harvest project is a joint effort between three Aalto University schools: Chemistry (CHEM), Electrical engineering (ELEC), Industrial design (ARTS). The project explores thermoelectric materials and applications. The role of the Embodied Design group is the development of novel product concepts that utilise thermo-electric components.

The project has involved also two Aalto ARTS MA-level courses, Advanced Product Design (2013) and Interactive Prototyping (2015). The student works have been included to the project with consideration towards implementation.

Currently the project members at ARTS are focusing on the development of textile based materials and prototypes towards energy harvesting, with cross-disciplinary collaboration with CHEM and ELEC.

EDG members in the project are: Riikka Townsend and Jussi Mikkonen

Project website: HEAT HARVEST



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Antti J. Karttunen, Liisa Sarnes, Riikka Townsend, Jussi Mikkonen and Maarit Karppinen. “Flexible Thermoelectric ZnO–Organic Superlattices on Cotton Textile Substrates by ALD/MLD”. Advanced Electronic Materials, 15 February 2017. http://doi.org/10.1002/aelm.201600459

Riikka, Townsend, and Salu Ylirisku. “Context Construction through Material Perceptions.” Tangible Means: Experiential Knowledge Through Materials: Conference Proceedings, 2015, p. 93-105 (2015).
Knitted slider user-interface using project-developed materials.
Exhibiting project prototypes during a demo day.First version of the heat extracting blanket.