Light Energy

Light Energy is a multi-disciplinary research project belonging to the Aalto University Energy Efficiency Research Programme (AEF). AEF focuses on practices and changes in operating environments that promote efficient energy use. Light Energy combines the resources of six units from four Schools at Aalto University in the areas of lighting and visibility, metrology, infrastructure modeling, transportation and highway engineering, economical/ societal analyses and user-centric design. The project aims to improve the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting without compromising traffic safety. Aalto Lighting Unit is the project Co-ordinator.

The project duration is 1.10.2012 – 30.9.2016.

EDG members: Karthikeya Acharya and Olli Heiskanen

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Conference and Journal Papers

Ylirisku, S, Kujala, S, Kytömaa, L, Tetri, E. (2014) Framing the Study of Pedestrians’ On-Going Experience of Safety in Dynamically Lit Urban Environment, poster presented at Experiencing Light Conference, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (DoD, LU)

Ylirisku, S., Sellen, A., Harper, R. Jacucci, G. (2015) Conceptual designing as constructive framing: a case on domestic tangibles, Interacting with Computers 28 (5), 648-663



Ylirisku, S. Frame it Simple! An Early Theory of Conceptual Designing 15.11.2013 (DoD)

Acharya, K. Opening the Electrome: Redefining Home for Energy Studies through Design Practice 8.4.2016 (DoD)