Riikka Townsend

I am a doctoral candidate at the Department of Design. I started my doctoral studies in 2013 and joined the Embodied Design Research group in the autumn of 2014. My education has led me through textile art, – craft and – design related studies both in England and in Finland, and my work experience as a freelance designer has also provided an understanding of the commercial requirements to textile and surface design.

As a member of the Embodied Design research group my main research interests are in exploring the sensory scope of responsive and transformative textiles through explorative material enquiry and prototyping. The objective of my research is to facilitate more intuitive settings within our living environment.

I currently work in the Heat Harvest -project, and also collaborate with the Swedish School of Textiles.

My prior academic work experience is from the RESPO-project, Responsive Materials in Spaces, during 2011-2013, and in the DWoC-project, Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose, during 2013-2014.

My MA-thesis focused on future rugs, which have been exhibited in three exhibitions.

Publications 2015:

Riikka, Townsend, and Salu Ylirisku. “Context Construction through Material Perceptions.” Tangible Means: Experiential Knowledge Through Materials: Conference Proceedings, 2015, p. 93-105 (2015).