Upcoming Encore Seminar: Service design and the networking city

We are happy to announce an open seminar that addresses several different viewpoints concerning public services and their development. During the event also a new book titled Palvelumuotoilu saapuu verkostojen kaupunkiin (i.e. Service design enters the networking city) edited by Annukka Jyrämä and Tuuli Mattelmäki, will be published. The book reports experiences of several years‘ research collaboration with the city of Helsinki.




When: January 26, from 1pm – 4pm, 2015

Where: Aalto University ARTS Hämeentie 135 C, 8th floor, big lecture room (822)



01.00   Opening words professor Tuuli Mattelmäki

01.10     KEYNOTE: Dr Sabine Junginger PDF

Discovering Design in Policy-Making and Policy Implementation—and why it matters

After much hype in the business world, design thinking has now caught the attention of planners, public managers and policy-makers. Design methods and principles have been a topic on the most recent OECD conference on Public Sector Innovation (Paris, November 2014) and now inform a diverse range of public sector innovation labs interested in behavioral economics, service design or more importantly, significant cultural changes within their own organizations. This keynote provides background to these developments and connects them with important aspects of design theory and design practice. What do these developments mean, for example, for practicing service designers? What does design research mean in these new contexts? What are the challenges and opportunities for design in the public sector? What its benefits? And how will design education need to change to prepare designers to work on some of the most important issues of our times?

02.10     break

02.30     professor Turkka Keinonen PDF

Capability sensitive human centred design

Human centred design has during the last decade been developing towards improving our understanding of the experiential qualities of use. This has been instrumental in supporting the design of pleasurable products and systems. What has received less attention has been asking whether pleasure and wellbeing are the terminal values of design. However, it seems that addressing the social responsibility of design and objectives beyond the hedonic start to awake increasing interest. More recently design scholars have started to speak about virtues and justice along with pleasures. A promising conceptual framework for addressing and promoting justice by design is capability approach. Capability approach is a framework to discuss social development and wellbeing, but many of its stands are relevant also when dealing with product and service design. In some other aspects it fruitfully challenges designers’ patterns of thought. The talk will cover few design ethical issues as illuminated by capability approach.

03.00     Juha Jolkkonen, City of Helsinki PDF

Design in social and health services

03.20     Virve Miettinen, city of Helsinki PDF

Ota kaupunkilanen mukaan! Keskustakirjaston palveluja kehittämässä

03.40     Annukka Jyrämä, Aalto University

Palvelumuotoilu saapuu verkostojen kaupunkiin PDF

04.00     Seminaari päätös/ Ending the seminar


About the speakers/ puhujista

Sabine Junginger explores the opportunities and implications of human-centered design for designers, managers, planners and decision-makers looking for organizational and social changes. Her most recent work addresses ‘matters of design’ in policy-making and policy implementation and links human-centered design to public sector innovation. She joined the Design School Kolding (DK) after five years at Lancaster University (UK) where she was a founding member of the design research lab ImaginationLancaster. Her work has been published in Design Issues, the Design Journal, the Journal of Business Strategy, Design Management review, and others. She is co-editor of The Handbook of Design Management (Berg 2011); The Highways and Byways to Innovation (Southern University of Denmark, 2014) and also of the forthcoming Designing Business (Bloomsbury, forthcoming). She is regularly invited to give keynotes or contribute to panels (most recently at the Royal College of Art, London and, in collaboration with NESTA, at the OECD Conference Paris). In addition, she is member of the editorial board of a new journal, Design, Economics and Innovation Quarterly (DEIQ, Elsevier) as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Mindlab, a Danish cross-ministerial research unit. She also served on the Advisory Board of DesignGov in Australia. She holds a PhD in Design from the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University (USA) as well as an MA in Design in Communication Planning and Information Design (also CMU). In Spring 2015, she will be conducting her research mostly from Berlin, Germany, where she is Visiting Professor at Macromedia University of Applied Arts and where she continues to be a Fellow of the Hertie School of Governance.

Turkka Keinonen is a professor of design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Keinonen has a Doctor of Arts degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (1998). He has worked for Finnish design consultancies, been a principal research scientist at Nokia Research Center and worked as a visiting professor at the National University of Singapore. Keinonen has published more than 100 articles, conference papers, book chapters and patents. His research interests lay in user centered design, product concept creation and justice by design.

Juha Jolkkonen is a Medical Doctor specialized in Geriatrics. He has done his EMBA at Aalto University. He has been a Division Director at the Helsinki City Department of Social Services and Health Care for the last two years. He is responsible for the Hospital, Rehabilitation and Care Services. Previously he has been working in several social and health care positions in metropolitan region, both as a clinical doctor and as a manager and leader. His main areas of interest have been services for the elderly, memory disorders and frailty, and how to support the activities of daily living in elderly population. He has also been a member of the steering group of National Memory Program for Finland

Virve Miettinen works as a participation planner in Central Library 2018 –project/ Helsinki City Library. She is currently working on enabling people to participate in the planning of the new Central Library. Her tasks also cover marketing and communications as well as stakeholder relations. Her interests include participatory culture, co-creation and new solutions for the public sector.

Annukka Jyrämä, KTT, kulttuuriyrittäjyyden dosentti, työskentelee Aalto yliopistossa kaupunkisuhteiden asiantuntijana. Hänen opetus- ja tutkimuskiinnostuksensa liittyvät kaupunkien ja voittoatavoittelemattomien organisaatioiden markkinointiin sekä kulttuurikentän markkinarakenteeseen ja toimintatapoihin

Tuuli Mattelmäki, DA, is associate professor at the Department of Design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Her interests in research and education focus on empathic design and co-design and on design for services related themes.