TEMWISIT Project: Co-designing Immigration Services with Finnish Governmental and Service Provider Sector and Immigrants

Designated researcher Dr. Helena Sustar and Encore group leader Prof. Tuuli Mattelmäki recently completed TEMWISIT project (April 2015-16). This collaborative project was founded between Aalto University, Department of Design and Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Centre of Expertise on Integration of Immigrants.

The TEMWISIT project on the research side investigated the individual actor’s engagement in the currently fragmented inter and cross-organisational immigration and integration service networks and related processes, as well as it meant to identify position of individual in the Finnish governmental immigration and integration system. On practical side via identifying different immigrant profiles project aimed to understand the procedures that different immigrant profiles have to pursue to accomplish different service goals (e.g. obtain residence permit).

The physical output is Move to Finland website that visualizes required immigrant service journey actions, by guiding them through the processes, also by linking existing e-services and websites with more detailed information resources. In this way website enables the individual immigrant to easier immigrate and integrate in the Finnish society. Move to Finland website is currently in the implementation stage and it will be incorporated in the existing state owned information websites.