ValuePack project (2014-2016) is funded by Tekes and 18 companies from the packaging value chain. The objective of the project is to develop tools for companies that help designing and measuring value of packages. The project is composed of four work packages with complementing perspectives into value formation. The knowledge of the multidisciplinary research team with international cooperation constitute a streamlined project that enable Finnish companies to stand out on market by user-centered and high-value packaging.

Aalto ARTS is responsible for the Package User Experience research, where it studies managing user experience in outsourced packaging design projects. The package design cases come from Epic Foods + MetsäBoard, Fazer, Hoviruoka, The Finnish Corrugated Board Association, and Verman.

Publications including Encore:

Joutsela, M., Roto, V. (2016) Introducing Experience Goals into Packaging Design. Design Research Society 50th anniversary conference, Bristol, UK.

Joutsela, M., Latvala, T., Roto, V. (submitted) Influence of Packaging Interaction Experience on Willingness to Pay.

Contact in Aalto University: Markus Joutsela,

Contact in Encore: Virpi Roto,

Project website: 

ValuePack seminar, October 31, 2014

ValuePack seminar, November 20, 2015