Prof. Pedro Campos visited Encore

Prof. Pedro Campos from the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute conducts interesting research around digital interaction design in the domains of wellbeing and creativity. We invited him to visit us during the Helsinki Design Week, where he gave an open lecture about interaction design for wellbeing. In the session, we had interesting discussions about designing for happiness and ethical questions. In the design examples shown by prof. Campos, happiness stems from being creative, fighting exclusion, and aging well.

The lecture and consecutive meetings gave new inspiration for us, but how about Pedro Campos, what will You take back home from your visit to the Department of Design?

Prof. Pedro Campos: A Portuguese writer said that “the end of a journey is always the beginning of a new one”. But this time, I am particularly eager to start a new “journey” with all the inspiration and creativity I got from this enlightening visit. I visited so many interesting labs, I took so many photos, design ideas and the most important of all things: I met with such incredibly talented people. I was particularly impressed to see that Encore and Aalto’s students and researchers excel at so many different, challenging fields! It’s perfectionism, it’s about being good at everything you do. No wonder so many innovations occur right here. Design is everywhere, but in Helsinki you see the truth in the elegance of the minimum. See you soon!