Design for Value

Encore is excited to participate a new Tekes-funded research program called Design for Value (D4V) 2017-2019. The program focuses on door-to-door supply chain, which is under digital disruptions and is rapidly changing towards an ecosystem of fully autonomous system-of-systems. The program approach is based on business ecosystems and customer value as these enable effective way to challenge the existing business models and roles of the actors in the current value chain.

The success of the new digital systems will not only be related to innovative business models and advancements in technology but also to people and societal issues. Therefore, it is crucial that the human aspects (change of one’s work, user and customer experiences, usability, human-machine communication, etc.) as well as systemic issues (legislation, impact on society, social acceptance, organizational change, ecosystem rules, etc.) are considered while the future business ecosystems are designed.

The role of Encore research team in the program is to lead a work package called Desirable Ecosystem. Encore researchers will use value fiction to facilitate discussion on possible futures that would be desirable for the stakeholders. We will also use collaborative, experience-driven design approach in ecosystem branding and service design.

D4V consortium: 11 companies + 9 research organizations
Encore researchers participating: Virpi Roto, Yiying Wu, and Tuuli Mattelmäki
Encore collaborates with: National University of Singapore, Chalmers University of Technology, and Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute