Sus Lyckvi on Future Scenarios

For decades, sci-fi writers have been inspiring researchers and engineers, asking What if…? Similarly, design fictions can inspire designers.

Dr. Sus Lyckvi from Chalmers University of Technology, Applied Information Technology, inspired us by her guest talk ‘Using fictions as a design tool – why and how’ on 30.3.2017. First, she gave an overview of the research around design fictions, such as value fiction, speculative fiction, imaginary abstracts, and diegetic prototypes. In future workshops, future scenarios support imagining a perfect future and thereby co-design. Second, Dr. Lyckvi reviewed some effective ways for shaping fictions. Finally, she introduced us to an entertaining and thought-provoking set of fictions such as MultiMonsterMania and Pandemia. The talk was attended by c.a. 30 researchers, students, and industry people. The lively Q&A session had to be cut short, but the slides are available at the end of this page for the hungry minds.

Encore research team is excited to have an opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Lyckvi in the new Design for Value research programme. Let the fictions drive co-design!