About Encore

Encore group member photo, Arabia 8th floor researchers' room

To explore the frontier of design discipline, we come together to form ENCORE (Engaging Co-design Research Group) at Aalto University.

We believe that open-minded change requires involving people in the design process. Therefore, we share the passion for creative collaborative design.

Our research playground consists of service design, organisational change, systemic design and social design, where we fearlessly but humbly enter with our empathic, human-centred and experience-driven approach (mindset, skills, and tools). 

We hold deep and broad research expertise.

We optimise design through research, and also practice research through design.

We maintain that designers have the responsibility to work for the benefit of stakeholders, to ensure and enhance value creation in the design process, and to be open to new perspectives.

We collaborate with partners from both public and private sectors, and promote the interactions between research, education and consulting.