ENCORE Achievements 2013

updated in Jan 2014






Book chapters

  • Vaajakallio, Kirsikka; Mattelmäki, Tuuli. (2013). Yhteissuunnittelu avaa uusia näkymiä julkiselle sektorille. In Hyvinvoinnin muotoilu. Keinonen, T., Vaajakallio, K. & Honkonen, J. (eds.), Aalto-yliopiston julkaisusarja, taide + muotoilu + arkkitehtuuri 1/2013, Helsinki, pp 59-70
  • Greger, S., & Hatami, Z. (2013). Reducing Social Distance Through Co-Design. In T. Keinonen, K. Vaajakallio & J. Honkonen (Eds.), Designing for wellbeing (pp. 125-143). Helsinki: Aalto University.
  • Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, K. & Vilminko, S. (eds): Landmarks for the User Experience in the Cloud. Authors: Marjo Jaakola, Kaarina Karppinen, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari, Raija Kuusela, Kati Kuusinen, Ville Nore, Jarmo Palviainen, Päivi Romppanen, Virpi Roto, Andrey Sirotkin, Sari Vilminko & Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila. Cloud Software Finland (2013). ISBN 978-952-93-2752-2 (paperback), ISBN 978-952-93-2753-9 (PDF).


Conference papers

  • Hatami, Z. (2013). Co-Production: A Mindset for Design. Paper presented at the Crafting the Future: The 10th European Academy of Design Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Roto, V. , Lund, A. (2013) On Top of the User Experience Wave – How is Our Work Changing? CHI’13 Extended Abstracts, Paris, France.
  • Lee, J.J. (2013). Method-Making as a Method of Designing. Nordes’13 Proceedings of the 5thNordic Design Research Conference
  • Hatami, Z. (2013). The Role of Design in Service(-Dominant) Logic. Paper presented at the 2013 Naples Forum on Service, Ischia, Italy.
  • Wetter-Edman, Katarina; Sangiorgi, Daniela; Edvardsson, Bo; Holmlid, Stefan; Grönroos, Christian; Mattelmäki, Tuuli. (2013). Design for Service comes to Service Logic. Paper published in In Naples Forum, June 18-21, University of Naples, Italy, http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:kau:diva-28552
  • Pöyry-Lassila, Päivi; Vaajakallio, Kirsikka; Salmi, Anna; Jaatinen, Miia; Holopainen, Mari; Mattelmäki, Tuuli; Smeds, Riitta. (2013). The roles of objects in collaborative workshops. In Proceedings of Co-create 2013 The Boundary-Crossing Conference on Co-Design in Innovation. Edit. Riitta Smeds and Olivier Irrmann, Aalto university publication series, science + technology 15/2013, pp 659-672
  • Vaajakallio, K., Lee, J.J., Kronqvist, J. and Mattelmäki, T. (2013). Service co-design with the public sector: Challenges and opportunities in a healthcare context. Proceeding of Include’13
  • Rantavuo, H., Roto, V. (2013) Heuristic Evaluation of User Experience – Case Nokia. Made for Sharing: HCI Stories of Transfer, Triumph and Tragedy. Workshop paper @ CHI’13, Paris, France.
  • Wu, Y. and Lee, J.J. (2013). “I didn’t know I can teach!” – Empowering Chinese retirees through co-creating a multi-generational ceramic service. Proceeding of Include’13
  • Song, C., & Xue, H. (2013). Scent, emotional memory and designing for meaningful olfactory experience: Two exploratory studies. Proceeding of IASDR 2013.
  • Koskinen, I., Taffe, S., Mattelmaki, T., and Lee, J.J. Ready-mades in Empathic Design. Proceedings of IASDR’13
  • Xue, H., & Woolley, M. (2013a). Creatively designing with/for cultural nostalgia: Designers’ reflections on technological change and loss of physicality. Proceeding of IASDR 2013.
  • Wu, Y. Et al.: Design practice of local users and the community, a case of Ugandan street vendors. Proceeding of IASDR 2013.
  • Rantavuo, H., Roto, V. (2013) Heuristic Evaluation of User Experience – Case Nokia. CHI’13 workshop Made for Sharing: HCI Stories of Transfer, Triumph and Tragedy. Paris, France.
  • Hermannsdottir, Sunna; Bolvik Boulsen, Sören; Mattelmäki, Tuuli; Fisker, Anna Marie (2013) Co-Exploring the Perception of Food and Eating. Proceedings of the participatory innovation conference PIN-C 2013
  • Agger Eriksen & Vaajakallio (2013) Some conflicts in staging co-design performative processes. Proceedings of the participatory innovation conference PIN-C 2013