ENCORE Achievements 2015

Updated in Jan 2016


Doctoral Dissertation

  • Katja Soini (April, 2015) Facilitating change: Towards resident- oriented housing modernisation with collaborative design


MA Theses

  • Netta Korhonen (2015): Experience-focused customer journey mapping in service operations
  • Elina Hilden (2015): User experience design guidelines





Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

  • Hyvärinen & Mattelmäki (2015) Service prototyping and organisational transformation: playing with the potential problems and solutions. Tangible means EKSIG conference. Kolding. 380-391
  • Roto, V., Lu, Y., Nieminen, H., Tutal, E.: Designing for User and Brand Experience via Company-wide Experience Goals. Extended Abstracts of CHI’15, Seoul, South Korea. (2015)
  • Wu, Y., Koskinen, I., Lee, J.-J., & Whalen, J. (2015). Plant Hotel: Service as a relational agent. Paper presented at the IASDR, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Varsaluoma J, Väätäjä H, Kaasinen E, Karvonen H, Lu Y. (2015) The Fuzzy Front End of Experience Design: Eliciting and Communicating Experience Goals. InProceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Australian Special Interest Group for Computer Human Interaction 2015 Dec 7 (pp. 324-332). ACM.


Papers Presented in Conferences

  • Salgado, M., Sustar, H., Galanakis, M.(2015) When Methods are not Enough: Designing with Immigrants, EAD11 Conference, Paris, France
  • Niemi, R., Sustar, H. Kokkonen, A. (2015) Citizens’ Power With Co-design: Engagement in Urban Development Projects, EAD11 Conference, Paris, France
  • Pirinen, Antti 2015. Housing Concepts For and By the Elderly: From Subjects of Design to a Design Resource. CIB W069 Meeting Oct 14th – 17th 2015, Explorations on Residential Qualities: Situations of Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring. Gothenburg, Sweden: Chalmers University of Technology, School of Architecture.
  • Chantiri, P.; Sanchez de la Barquera Estrada, X.; Garduno Garcia, Claudia; Nousala, Susu; Rojas, O. (2015) Aalto LAB Mexico: Co-Designing to maintain Ecosystem Services. Design for Sustainable Well-being and Empowerment,12-14 June 2014, IISc, Bangalore. Delft Technical University
  • Garduno Garcia, Claudia; Nousala, Susu; Fuad-Luke, Alastair (2015) Exploring a poly-disciplinary pedagogy for community wellbeing that evolves through design approaches: Aalto LAB with(in) a Mayan community. Design for Sustainable Well-being and Empowerment,12-14 June 2014, IISc, Bangalore. Delft Technical University


Other Publications

  • Roto, V.: Ecological UX Studies. In CHI’15 workshop Ecological Perspectives in HCI: Promise, Problems, and Potential. Seoul, South Korea (2015)
  • Roto, V., Nuutinen, M., Kaasinen, E., Smedlund, A., Seppänen, M. (eds.) Industry expedition to the UX world. FIMECC UXUS (2015)


Edited Books

Jyrämä, A. & Mattelmäki, T. (toim.) Palvelumuotoilu saapuu verkostojen kaupunkiin. Aalto ARTS books.


Chapters in Edited Books

  • Holmlid, S., Mattelmäki, T, Sleesvijk Wisser, F. & Vaajakallio, K. (2015) Co-creative practices in service innovation. R. Agarwal and W. Selen Chapter for Handbook to service innovation. Springer. 545-574
  • Hakio, K., Mattelmäki, T., & Jyrämä, A. (2015) Muotoiluharjoituksia. Jyrämä, A. & Mattelmäki, T. (toim.) Palvelumuotoilu saapuu verkostojen kaupunkiin. Aalto ARTS books. 53-73.
  • Mattelmäki, T. (2015) Palvelumuotoilun esimerkkejä. Jyrämä, A. & Mattelmäki, T. (toim.) Palvelumuotoilu saapuu verkostojen kaupunkiin. Aalto ARTS books. 53-73
  • (SEVEN CHAPTERS by Virpi, Yichen, Netta & Elina in User Experience and Usability in Complex Systems – UXUS Final Report. Fimecc Publications Series No. 8. ISBN 978-952-238-146-0)



  • Service Design and the networking city seminar with Guest lecture Sabine Junginger January 2015
  • Service Design – User-Centered Design in a New Package? SIGCHI Finland spring seminar, April 1st, organised by Virpi Roto, Netta Korhonen, Helena Sustar (2015)
  • Designing for Multi-touchpoint Experience, guest talk by Rachel Powers @ Aalto ARTS, organized by Virpi Roto in collaboration with SIGCHI Finland.




ALM Cuxta-Há within the top 3 in competition, Mexico.

Aalto LAB Mexico (ALM), since 2012 has been working with interdisciplinary groups of students from Aalto University, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Tecnológico de Monterrey. Since 2015, ALM is a case study in Sustainable Global Technologies Programme. This year, the LAB focused mainly on water issues and was held from January to May.

After the team’s visit to the community (called 20 de Noviembre), the Mexican unit of students generated a proposal to tackle several water issues, mainly water scarcity and quality. This proposal was subscribed to Premio CEMEX TEC: http://www.cdcs.com.mx/

The competition has 3 categories, Construction Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Transforming Communities, altogether, 301 entries. ALM competes in the Transforming Communities category, along other 74 entries. We have been informed that the project called ALM Cuxta-Há is amongst the three finalists; the award ceremony takes place on October 1st at Tecnológico de Monterrey, in the City of Monterrey.


  • Yiying Wu: The service design project ‘Plant Hotel’ done by a doctoral student Yiying WU and Aalto Arts alumna Aoi Yoshizawa is nominated by City of Helsinki for Shenzhen Design Award 2015 for Young Talents(in cooperation with UNESCO). Plant Hotel is one of the 8 nominees. The theme this year is ‘TRANSFORMATION’.



  • Wu, Y., & Yoshizawa, A. (2015). PLANT HOTEL IN NORDES 2015. Nordes, 1(6).


In Media

Yiying Wu


International exchange/visits

  • Yichen Lu (4.2015) Interaction and Service Design Research Group (IxS) Linköping University
  • Yichen Lu (9.2015)  Media and Communication Design Department, Northumbria University Open Lab, Newcastle University


Academic Expert Assignments

  • Virpi Roto (2015), keynote talk: Towards Distinctive User Experiences. INTERACT’15 conference, September 18., Bamberg, Germany.
  • Virpi Roto selected as the Finnish representative at IFIP TC13 (Human-Computer Interaction), as the Vice Chair & Treasurer. 9/2015 –
  • Virpi Roto in the Programme Committee of INTERACT’15 conference
  • Tuuli Mattelmäki Assessment committee member for professor at Aalborg University 2015


NEW Project funding:

  • Virpi Roto: Brand new (2015-2017) Tekes
  • Tuuli Mattelmäki: Temwisit (2015-2016) TEM