Experience Goal -Driven Design Approach

Our relationship with interactive technologies is changing. In the early days, we silently blamed ourselves for not knowing how to use computers. Today, we have learned that the problem is […]

Työntekijät brändikokemusten muotoilijoiksi

Kuka vastaaa brändistä organisaatiossasi? Markkinointiosasto ei ole enää oikea vastaus, sillä tärkein yrityskuvan muotoilija on asiakkaan kohtaava työntekijä. Vielä 5 vuotta sitten yrityksen markkinointitiimi orkestroi brändikokemuksia markkinointikampanjoilla, jotka valitettavan usein […]

Design for Value

Encore is excited to participate a new Tekes-funded research program called Design for Value (D4V) 2017-2019. The program focuses on door-to-door supply chain, which is under digital disruptions and is […]

Sus Lyckvi on Future Scenarios

For decades, sci-fi writers have been inspiring researchers and engineers, asking What if…? Similarly, design fictions can inspire designers. Dr. Sus Lyckvi from Chalmers University of Technology, Applied Information Technology, […]

Encore awards

4.10.2012. Dean awards her staff for successful research and artistic achievements. Dean of the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, professor Helena Hyvönen granted awards to staff members […]

Team pictures

The ENCORE team explores constantly application fields for co-design through hands-on exploration and ambitious research. The visionary competence stems mostly from industrial design spiced with engineering, architecture and anthropology.