Kirsi Hakio

I am a doctoral candidate in design department at Aalto University.

In general the base of my work and research is positioned in the field of constructive design research, especially the areas of co-design and design for services. I started my research originally in 2009 by focusing on how to bring co-design into public organisations, entering the evolving field of public service design.

During the years my research focus has evolved from user-centered to human-centered and eventually to life-centered perspectives of co-creation and co-designing. This action of changing perspectives has lead me into practices and thinking that acknowledges the interconnectedness of all living beings. Thus challenging the human-centered approach of service design – that focuses on human experience – by asking how e.g. eco-tourism services would look like from the perspectives of other nature elements and species, such as animals, trees or plants.

One source of inspiration behind my work comes from Otto Scharmer and Theory U where he argues that we collectively create the outcomes we face in our society today and in order to create sustainable change, we need to shift the origin of our actions from our head to heart. In other words connect the deeper source of our intelligence – the inner place which determines the qualities of our action.

Currently my research interests include the topic of Care & Design, exploring what it means in terms of

  • care towards nature, co-creating sustainable ways of co-existing
  • care as working and service culture
  • care as awareness and choice, in the moments of encountering, co-creation and decision-making