Kirsi Hakio

I am a doctoral student in design department at Aalto University. My background is in industrial design, but during my BA and MA studies at Aalto I was drawn towards user inspired-, human centered- and empathic design. In general, my research interests are positioned in the field of constructive design research, especially areas of co-design and design for services.

I started my research interest originally in 2009 by focusing on how to bring co-design into public organisations, entering the evolving field of public service design. During various City collaboration projects, I conducted several experimentations with e.g. the City of Helsinki and its cross departmental service networks.

Currently, after being away for a while from the academic circles, my research interests have shifted more towards designing for services and the aspects of co-design as a collective and creative process. Within that frame, I am looking at the challenge of temporality of co-design events and design interventions, as well as seeking ways to sensitize and facilitate commitment of the participants – not only in co-design events but in the future development and even co-production of the future services.

In this context, my research topic broadly explores different aspects of people becoming co-designers and the elements of motivation and commitment, but also the meaning of attunement, sensitizing and awareness of one’s roles, attitudes, motives, emotions and beliefs when acting as a co-designer.