Virpi Roto

My expertise area is user experience and designing for experiences. The interest in user experience research raised while I worked in Nokia Research Center 1995-2010. In the Encore team I am excited to learn more about designing for engaging experiences.

The contexts of my research have varied from consumer products (mobile web browser, packaging) to business-to-business industry, but I always aim to combine human-centric design with the business interests of companies. From this perspective, I see multi-touchpoint experience design and experiences with the tools we use at work as highly interesting research topics.

My research projects  –  my focus:

Design for Value 2017-2019  –  Experience design in digital business ecosystem

Brand New 2015-2017  –  Brand experiences in service encounters

ValuePack 2013-2016  –  Experience design for human-package interaction

UXUS 2011-2015  –  User experience as a competitive edge in B2B metal industry

InPractice 2011-2012  –  Digital disruption of pharmacy services


For more information about me, you may check my home page at, or my Google Scholar page.