Yiying Wu



This is my CV.

My research interests are in design anthropology, relational aesthetics, service design, design fiction and performance art (the new favourite).

I now work as a post-doc researcher in design fiction on the social issue of automation in maritime industry.


I just defended my doctoral dissertation ‘Bicycles and Plants’ on 19 May, 2017, and my dissertation got ‘Distinction’.

It asked: how can service design create opportunities for people to contribute to and with each other as capable agents and develop meaningful social relations?

The subject studied is the form of services that people produce among themselves through working for and with each other. Two service cases are investigated. One is an existing service of a self-repair bicycle workshop run by a subcultural community. The other is a series of design interventions called as Plant Hotel where people help water each other’s plants as collaborative care.

Version for Paya people




In Press: 2015 (Yle RadioHelsingin Sanomat), 2014 (Yle,  Nyt)