Liliana Rodriguez

Lili balls ii



I am a product designer specialised in interaction and services design, with substantial experience in design practice, teaching, and research. I am in essence a hands-on design thinker that likes working with interdisciplinary teams and different stakeholders, having a user centred design approach. I use between other skills co-design and participatory design methods and tools.



I am designing and investigating digital services. My Ph.D. (At Loughborough University) focuses on exploring how digital services can benefit from technology appropriation: Technology as the internet and social media; appropriation as how users adopt this technology.

I have been developing and teaching Video-prototype (VP) workshops at Glasgow School of Art, Loughborough University and more recently at Aalto University. VP is a tool specifically designed for the communication of user experience and interaction designs.



As Associate Researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, I was part of Innovation Futures (IF) an interdisciplinary team. I dedicated to the design of small and medium size enterprises on-line platforms and digital touch points and the innovation advice. This work had a real impact on innovation and the further development of these companies.

Examples of my professional and academic work can be found at: