Pekka Murto

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Pekka Murto is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Design in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland and a student of the Advanced Materials and Processes Doctoral School of Aalto School of Chemical Technology. His doctoral research focuses on understanding the role and integration of design in networked development of complex products and systems, with a specific focus on shipbuilding as the context of study. In addition NODUS research group, Pekka is a member of the Strategic Design Integration Management research group. His previous publications on design and experience in shipbuilding have been published in the Journal of Cleaner Production and Safety Science while his ongoing doctoral research has been presented in Cambridge and London Academic Design Management Conferences and the International Product Development Management Conference. In addition to research, he works as an industrial design consultant and a teacher of sustainable product and service design.


Pekka Murto’s research publications can be found here.¬†