Tatu Marttila, PhD Researcher

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Tatu Marttila (M.A.) has a degree in industrial design and background in new media design. His research studies inter-professional design education. It focuses to understand the tools, processes and communication related to issues of sustainability in multidisciplinary collaboration, and to gather information on how design education can better prepare students to tackle transdisciplinary problem solving in the context of sustainable development.

For more information, see his web portfolio (online), hisĀ Curriculum Vitae (updated 2015 / PDF-file) and his research and publicationsin Aalto ARTS research database (ReseDa).

Email: tatu.marttila(at)aalto.fi

Selected publications:

Marttila, T., and Kohtala, C. 2014. “Transdisciplinary Platforms: Teaching sustainability to design students”. In C. Vezzoli, C. Kohtala and A. Srinivasan (Eds.), Product-Service System Design for Sustainability (450-470). London: Greenleaf. ISBN 978-1-906093-67-9

Marttila, T. 2012. “Between a Problem Context and a Problem Setting: Twofold reflection in inter-professional design collaboration for sustainability”. In Proceedings of DRS 2012. Bangkok, TH: Chulalongkorn University. (Download PDF)