TANGO – exhibition at Design Museum’s Gallery (26.4.-26.5.)

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TANGO– a collaborative project of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and the Politecnico di Milano offers tools to participation, and for studying the ways in which design can improve the everyday lives of people.This project involving students of art and design in three countries also led to an exhibition, which is deepening our understanding of how the phenomena of everyday life are culturally determined. It is also arousing interest in the role of different approached to design, and of art and art education in design process. Overall the exhibition reminds us how important it is to listen to people in towns and suburbs. The exhibition includes a range of accompanying events, including workshops. Further information will be updated during the spring in the calendar of events.TANGO – exhibition at Design Museum’s Gallery will continue from 26th of April until 26th of May in 2013.

Read more about TANGO project here, and see invitation to first TANGO seminar (26.4. at Design Museum) here.

See the exhibition opening invitation (25.4. 18-20) here, and a press release about the project here.

There will be several activities during the month-long exhibition. See the exhibition events calendar here.