Product-Service System Design for Sustainability

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NODUS is proud to announce the launch of our most recent publication, and the final grand result of the LeNS project!

Product-Service System Design for Sustainability, by Carlo Vezzoli, Cindy Kohtala, Amrit Srinivasan, with J.C. Diehl, Sompit Moi Fusakul, Liu Xin and Deepta Sateesh.

This new book presents the theory and practice of Product-Service System (PSS) Design for Sustainability – the design of systems of products and services that would be jointly capable of satisfying specific needs and desires of the customer (“unit of satisfaction”), as well as related innovative stakeholders’ interactions, leading towards eco-efficiency, social equity and cohesion.



Do you want to learn (and teach) how to design sustainable PSS?

Part I of the book presents the background to and the conceptual framework of PSS innovation and design for sustainability. The meaning and implications of sustainable development dictate a need for system discontinuity and radical change, which can be supported by designing PSS for Sustainability. These chapters elaborate upon the very concept of PSS innovation: its characteristics and features and related benefits, drivers and barriers. The role of design in developing sustainable PSS is addressed in detail: the approaches, skills and criteria involved in PSS innovation. Researchers, educators and students will benefit from the methodology and related tools, which are mapped out in the final section of Part I.

Do you want to learn about (teach and research) the new research frontiers of sustainable PSS design?

Part II of the book explores promising research directions and hypotheses on sustainable PSS design. It is composed of themed sections and their chapters:

•  New ways to deliver satisfaction and manage the transition

•  New perspectives on sustainable PSS in low-income and emerging contexts

•  New ways to leverage social innovation for sustainability

•  New ways to design for moderation

•  New ways to educate


The book is published by Greenleaf Publishing in January 2014. You may order the book directly from Greenleaf here.

The book is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence, which means you may share the material, adapt it to your own special needs, translate it for your local use, and so on. A free pdf version of the book is available here.