Talk: Fab Labs and experiments in democratizing technologies

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TIME: Tuesday 10.5.2016, 8:30-10:30
PLACE: Aalto Media Factory, Aalto ARTS Arabia

This talk is given as a part of Researchers’ Breakfast series, organized by Aalto Media Factory in collaboration with Aalto Factories as well as Research and Innovation Services.

Fab Labs are shared community workshops where people can design and make their own products. They are an important part of the ‘maker movement’, a collection of all kinds of activities and communities experimenting with digital fabrication technologies. As forerunners they may indicate how we as a society may confront or embrace increasing digitalization. I’ll discuss the kinds of practices and discourses that travel through the Fab Lab network.

Cindy Kohtala is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Design. Her doctoral research examined environmental sustainability issues in the maker movement. Her background is in Design-for-Sustainability, and she is a NODUS alumni.

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