Michael Lettenmeier, PhD Researcher

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Michael Lettenmeier (M.Sc.) is a researcher, consultant and trainer in the fields of sustainable natural resource use, material footprint calculation and sustainable lifestyles. During the recent years, he has set a focus on sustainable lifestyles and developed the 8 tonnes resource cap for sustainable lifestyles. He is consulting and training the implications of the 8 tonnes concept for business, design and different organizations. Michael is finalizing his doctoral dissertation on one-planet lifestyles and the role of design in promoting them. He is also working with his own company, D-mat ltd., and as a member of the research group Sustainable Production and Consumption at the German Wuppertal Institut. Michael Lettenmeier has published a huge range of scientific and popular literature in the fields of sustainability indicators, sustainable resource use and sustainable lifestyles.

Email: michael.lettnmeier@aalto.fi

Michael Lettenmeier’s research publications can be found here