Mikko Jalas, Professor of Practice, Sustainable Consumption

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Mikko Jalas holds a PhD in Organization and Management from the Aalto University School of Business and currently holds a position of a Senior Lecturer at Aalto¬† University School of Arts, design and architecture. He has worked on sustainable consumption, time use, energy consumption as well as on time use rebound-effects. More recently he has worked on renewable energy investments, the local embedding of energy technologies, self-building activities as well as everyday practices related to energy. Mikko Jalas’s contributions to the study of social practices include theorizing the temporalities of everyday life, developing methodological ¬†approaches to use diaries as a method, and empirical studies of everyday practice including bicycling, heat provision and wooden boating.

Email: mikko.jalas@aalto.fi

Mikko Jalas’s research publications can be found here.