Eeva Houtbeckers, Post-doctoral Researcher

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Eeva Houtbeckers (Dr. Sc. Econ. & Buss. Admin) works on a postdoctoral project funded by Nessling Foundation (2017) and Kone Foundation (2018-2020). She is a member of NODUS research group and affiliated with the Department of Design at Aalto University. Her doctoral dissertation ‘Mundane social entrepreneurship’ focused on Finnish microentrepreneurs working in sectors that address sustainability challenges, namely up-cycle design, veganism, open data, and co-working. Eeva’s postdoctoral research is a participatory and sensory ethnography on post-growth work practices in the global North during global environmental and social challenges and injustices that are experienced locally. She follows Finnish projects on self-sufficiency, land rights, and forest protection.





Twitter, Instagram: @aatteinen