Hella Hernberg, PhD Researcher

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Hella Hernberg’s research explores temporary use of vacant spaces and participatory design, with a particular focus on the mediation among various stakeholder groups in temporary use. Hernberg’s research is based partly on a Research through Design approach where data is collected from her own temporary use projects in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, and partly on a qualitative approach. The research is funded partly by Kone Foundation and partly by Aalto University.

Before starting her doctoral research, Hernberg has run her own company Urban Dream Management. In 2012-13 she worked as a strategic designer at the Ministry of the Environment, through Sitra’s Design Exchange Programme, where she led the “Vacant Spaces” project. She has also edited and published Helsinki Beyond Dreams (2012), a book about local initiatives and urban activism in Helsinki.

Hella Hernberg is an architect (Aalto University, 2008). At Aalto, she has been teaching and lecturing part-time since 2008. Since 2014 she is a founding and core member of the Design for Government teaching team under the Creative Sustainability master programme.

email: hella.hernberg(a)aalto.fi

Hella’s research publications can be found here