Tracing Passenger Safety Perception for Cruise Ship Design

Markus Ahola (2017)


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The fundamental questions of how people perceive safety in a cruise ship environment and whether these perceptions can be improved through design are addressed in this book. This dissertation makes a contribution to prior research by investigating ship safety from the passenger’s perspective. Safety in every form is essential for lide and comfort, but has not been extensively studied from the environmental design and sociotechnical viewpoints. The research interlinks these issues.

Multi-methodological approach is employed to trace passenger’s insights, which are analysed through a novel approach of visualization of the interconnectivity of the identified environmental characteristics. The results highlight the importance of a user-centric approach in ship safety design and guide ship design towards improved comfort and more enjoyable cruise experiences.

In addition to research interest, prolonged engagement with the context provides broad portraits of cruising culture for the reader.

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